Taro at the Centre of the Earth (WSOY) - the Application developed by mobilive Ltd. for WSOY. This interactive book experience is now available on the iTunes App Store!,

Jokofu Twist Memory Game for kids of all ages and Freezer Time Challenge for those who want to beat the clock. Colorful veggies and other smiling goodies hide in the Jokofu Vintage Refridgerator.,

Pack of Clocks is an elegant app that consists of four unique clocks. Each clock features it's own authentic look and sounds.,

Panhoroscopia is an enchanting personality app where you can find out what your birthday or your palms tell about you. Features 3 different horoscopes and more.,

Everyone surely knows what their zodiac sign is, but what about the sign dealing with the afterlife? Zombie Horoscope will reveal the dark, creepy and funny secrets of your undead side!,

Holidays are coming! Christmas Preps is a traditional-type Advent Calendar, providing you excitement and countdown calculator every day until Christmas Eve. Available now also for Android.,

The less obvious version of Dildo, for undercover missions. Choose from 4 innocent vegetables, all washed and checked by European standards.,

Long Flight Exercises is a useful application that helps travellers that have to spend many hours on a plane with several simple and effective exercises for the body.,

Light up a big fat Cuban Cigar, blow smoke rings, change background images, listen to soothing latin music and enjoy. Available now also for Android.,